The DIY Hand Job

Greg Hoy - The Big Red Man

Greg Hoy - ...From A Paper Lampshade

Greg Hoy - T.M.I.

Hoy - Calling Amsterdam

Hoy - 2 Fingers Crossed (Live @ The Knitting Factory)

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Review of 'Feel The Crunch!' at Mars Eats Guitars
'A sheer master at infectious power-pop, Hoy is a one man cranking music machine...
Wonderful harmonies rolled out over tight and crunchy guitars stands as the hallmark of this LP,
producing some of the best power-pop you will hear these days.'

Jack Rabid says nice, plays 'I'll Take The Blame' on BreakThru Radio
'Greg is also the band Hoy and has recently been playing with a band called Twice As Bright...
on that record he plays all the instruments but you would never know it.
Usually I don't take to a record made by one person playing
all the instruments because I think it's really important to have a
collision of all the musicians playing together, but he really pulled that off'...'

Interview with the Pittsburgh City Paper
"I was too critical of what [music] I wrote. I was always coming at it from that critical point,"
he says via phone from New York. "My whole goal when I started writing music again was to do an album a year."

Interview with The Post Gazette
The harder-rocking hook explosion of his latest effort, Hoy says,
"came out of having a great band pushing me to write better songs.
You know, to cut the fat. 'Get to the point, people! We haven't got all day!'

Review of 'Tastemakers & Heartbreakers' at DOA

Review of 'Forever Endeavour' at DOA

Review of 'Self Titled' at DOA