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01 Wishing Well
02 Norwegian Wood
03 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
04 Raspberry Beret
05 She Wants To Move
06 Sugar On My Tongue
07 Paranoid
08 Coconut Grove
09 Be Near Me
10 Run To You
11 Peg
12 Nights In White Satin

Album Credits:

Musicians: Greg Hoy, Kati(e) Ender, Dave Sharma, Rich Bennett, Alex Nolan

Cover model: Bernadette as 'Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron'

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Greg at Blue Door, Brooklyn & 30 Peak

Drums on 'Shine On' engineered by Joe Cosgrove

Website photo by Garrett Lubertine

Obnoxiously heartfelt thanks to
Jazmine Atienza, Izzy Arlet, Rich Bennett, David Byrne, Andrew Blackwell,
Elisa Cantero, Marc Cantone, Joe Cosgrove, Meghan Coulehan, Kati(e) Ender,
Jill Fiore, Laura Fought, Leslie Fleisher, Nadine Friedman, Neil Lipuma, 'Narco',
Garrett Lubertine, Michael Lutz, Rachel Manis, Bill Miller, Alex Nolan, Ted Paquin,
David Lee Roth, Alana Quirk, Dave Sharma, Jason Sumney, Donovan Swan
& Bernadette.

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