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01 No One Could Love You
02 The Convertible
03 T.M.I.
04 Life Inside Yr Head
05 Once Happened (Long Ago)
06 I'll Take The Blame!
07 You Know You Want It
08 Mr Dibbs
09 We Share This Name
10 Credit Is Due
11 Katie Says Hello

Economic collapse, loud volume, boy meets girl, cars, information, blame, love, terror, sacrifice - one guy in a room with microphones, tapes & hard drives running = Feel The Crunch.


Greg Hoy's most recent outing is appropriately titled Feel The Crunch!. A sheer master at infectious power-pop, Hoy is a one man cranking music machine. On 2006's Tastemakers & Heartbreakers, Hoy made a full-on, catchy, tight power-pop record all by himself. He manages to create music that sounds like it is coming from a quartet rather than just one person. An amazing feat. 09's Feel has Hoy back at it again and in fine form. The album has the Brooklyn based music wizard producing a somewhat more heavier sound than before but all the key elements are still in place. Wonderful harmonies rolled out over tight and crunchy guitars stands as the hallmark of this LP, producing some of the best power-pop you will hear these days. Take the rock and rolling "I'll Take The Blame" and you will definitely be convinced. "One guy gets in a room and lets it all out with microphones and tapes running. Feel The Crunch!". Amazing stuff!
- Mars Needs Guitars

Three years after this Brooklyn whiz kid, Hoy band founder, and Twice as Bright member surprised this writer on Tastemakers & Heartbreakers with his ability to make a tight and “crunchy” power-pop record all by himself—as it had cloned three more Greg Hoys and played with them, instead of overdubbing), he’s back with more of the same. Feel is much heavier, perhaps, but Hoy incorporates that in this stomping, ornery, typically catchy record like a modern day one-man Cheap Trick, Bevis Frond, and later Guided By Voices jamming with Wayne Kramer of MC5, Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman, and classic rockers. Throwing harmonies out like darts over gnarly sharp-edged guitars, and an occasional psych-rock inflection (“Life Inside Yr Head”), Feel is an unusually caterwauling affair for such catchy rock (highlight: the fireballing “I’ll Take the Blame”), and it’s got balls a plenty.
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover